Fog enveloping coast redwoods at sunset.

Open Access data and code from the lab:


 Trait Maps

From Trugman et al. 2020 PNAS: Gridded trait maps for the contiguous USA based on FIA and hydraulic trait datasets. Currently 1 degree res (email for higher res)

 California 'Canopy Water Content' (CWD) Maps

From Brodrick et al. 2019 GRL: remotely sensed 'Canopy Water Content' maps for California for the entire Landsat record. 4km res

 Western US Tree Rings

From Anderegg & HilleRisLambers (2019) Ecology Letters: Tree ring, recruitment, mortality and tree metadata for 3 elevation transects, along with example analysis code. Example data from one species from publication SI on Dryad here: Full data and code coming soon on Github

 Within-species Leaf Traits

From Anderegg et al. 2018 Ecology Letters: Previously unpublished leaf trait data on geographic/elevational variation within-species (10 species) on Dryad: Previously published data used in the analysis can be found here: GLOPNET - NACP TERRA-PNW - Martin et al. 2017 -