Rocky Mountains in central Colorado.

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We are actively looking for new lab members in applying fall 2020 to start 2021.

Welcome to the Anderegg Landscape Physiology Lab at UCSB! Humans have drastically reshaped the face of the planet, and we are in the process of reshaping the climate system. Our research broadly tries to answer: How will the world's ecosystems respond as global temperatures continue to rise and global precipitation patterns shift and become more extreme? How will rising atmospheric CO2, land use change and wildfires mediate ecological responses to climate change? We are interested in how tissue- and plant-level physiology scales up to population dynamics, ecosystem dynamics, and global water and carbon fluxes. Our research explores how leaf-level plant phenomena scale up using a combination of leaf level, plot level, and satellite data. Our goal is to help guide proactive resource management to foster resilient ecosystems in a rapidly changing world. We are actively looking for new lab members (grad students interested in applying fall 2020 to start 2021, and postdocs to start summer/fall 2021)!

Areas of Research